Using The Image

How to work with your picture
There are two ways in which the picture can be worked with, one dynamic/active and one passive. The dynamic way involves using the picture as a contemplative device in meditation - as you might use a tarot or oracle card for example. Place the image before you when meditating so that you can gaze upon it without straining the neck or eyes. Adopt a relaxed gaze, allowing your eyes to roam around the image, taking in the colours, symbols and figures within the image. As and when symbols, colours and forms 'jump out' at you try and make either a mental or physical note of them for deeper interpretation later. Also note any physical sensations you experience whilst gazing at the image or any insights that come to mind. After some time close your eyes and enter deeper into your meditation.

The passive way of working with the image is simply to hang it on your wall and allow its energies to slowly permeate your space. Everyday - as you see the image - its powers will be evoked through your casual observations and over time its energy become more and more strongly activated within your home.